How to ease the neck pain

Discover the new neck massager designed to ease the lower back and neck pain as many other types of cervical contractures

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  • 1 neck massager
  • Electro-stimulation
  • 3 Physiotherapy techniques
  • 6 massage modes
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  • Neck Massager
  • Electro-stimulation
  • 3 physiotherapy techniques
  • 6 different modes of use
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The U-neck electric massager is designed to enjoy its benefits for neck pain relief.

  • Calm

    progressively neck muscle pain.

  • Relaxes cervical contractures

    located within the related muscle group, such as the trapezius.

  • Reduces pain

    caused by the alteration of the cervical vertebrae.


and methods to help relieve cervical pain

U-neck has a series of techniques to treat the neck pain, applied on different modes according to the type of leisure or cervical contracture that you might be suffering, adapting to each case.

Thanks to its ergonomic design, this electric massager allows the treatment of the affected zone on an effective way through various techniques:
The device applies a low frequency stimulus that has the same effects of a direct neck massage, without causing muscle fatigue.
(This feature applies a therapeutically tested low frequency stimulus that has the same effect of a direct massage in the neck, without any pain or fatigue in the muscles)
Heat Mechanic vibration

U-Neck has 6 different massage modes to directly relax and relieve the affected area:


Automatic mode

It is the standard mode that combines three techniques ordered in vibration plus heat + Electro-stimulation and repeating them on cycles.


Vibration + Heat

In this mode the Vibration and Heat techniques can be combined, being able to adjust high levels or heat and intensity.


Electro-stimulation + Heat

In this mode the combined features of Electro-stimulation and Heat act directly in the blood stream and the muscular easing, with higher or lower effectiveness depending of the intensity set by the user.



The applied technique is the Heat at the preferred intensity of the user, high or low temperature.



The applied technique is vibration, with the possibility of adjusting the intensity to the most satisfying level.



The applied technique is the Electro-stimulation, in this mode the intensity level can be adjusted between electro-stimulation and stimulation-electric.

Fortify your neck with U-neck. Enjoy of our offers!

U-Neck specification

U-Neck: LCD Screen

Back massager

Type: Model 1.0

Measurements: 25 x 22,5 x 7,5 cm

Weight: 630 g

Illuminated LCD screen


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U-Neck: Back massager

Back massager (interior)

Conductive plate and infrared receiver

Frequency of impulse: 1-1000Hz

Electric pulse width: 20-400us

Wave type: Square


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U-Neck: Remote controller

Remote controller


Remote controller with control panel

Illuminated screen


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U-Neck: Adapter



Power adapter with output connector.


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