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The U-neck works with diverse physiotherapy techniques such as electro-stimulation, vibration or heat. Find it out more!

How works

How works U-neck’s electro-stimulation?

Among the physiotherapy techniques used by the neck massager U-neck, is the electro-stimulation technique, which consists of exercising the muscle through impulses and electrical stimuli. The device itself generates impulses that are applied with electrodes that adhere to the skin next to the muscles that are to be stimulated. The impulses imitate the potential action, which comes from the central nervous system, causing muscle contraction.

Muscular Vibration. Which are the benefits?

The vibration technique used by our products commonly helps to reduce the muscular swelling and reactivates the blood stream healing the tension at the same time. According to some studies, the joint action of electro-stimulation and vibration brings great benefits to gain muscle. The effect of vibration in the circulatory system is stimulant and soothing and sedative on the nervous system.

reactivates the blood stream

Muscular pressure massages.

Pressure is one of the most used techniques on physiotherapy, it can be made through air, massage, devices and machinery. Normally pressure acts directly in the muscular tension easing the pain in the tissues (ligaments, tendons and muscles)

Also called the compression technique. In this type of technique finger movement isn’t common, it only consist on apply pressure in the affected area.

Compression can be static or maintained or a glided compression. In this technique it is important to maintain the rhythm and intensity uniform to obtain homogeneous effects.

The application time is normally set by the persistence of the analgesic effect. 30 to 60 seconds are recommended.

Muscular pressure massages

Does the muscular heat work?

Generally, the effects produced by the heat on the muscles are expected to be relaxing and sedative. The heat can be applied on different ways that can be solid, semiliquid and gaseous. Our products use the heat technique through light. Some of its effects include:

  • Vasodilatation: Increases the blood flow in the specific area where the massage is applied (neck or lower back)
  • Blood pressure decreasing: The heat affects the heart and reduces the blood pressure. It must be applied on exact measure, because if the recommended time is exceeded it can cause nauseas.
  • Sedative effect: The heat produces a sedative effect that helps to relax the muscles, prevents muscle spasms, eases the fatigue and slows the nerve conduction of painful impulses.
Muscle heat

Can this techniques help the natural state of muscles?

Of course, they are techniques physiotherapy techniques applied at present time. As long as there are leisure produced by improper posture, abrupt movements, overweight or other factors is convenient to use this 3 techniques. If your leisure is not severe our products will help you relax the muscle to make the pain fade bit a bit. However, even if there is not any pain this massagers can be used to ease the tension in the muscles and help you feel better and more energetic.



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