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In this section we respond to all the FAQs of everyone who visits our site on a daily basis, this lets us clarify any queries regarding this product.

Does it have any side effects?

The U-neck don’t produce any side effeHowever it is always advisable to have some cautions while they are on use like keeping them away from water, don’t exceed the estimated time or use them adequately according to their instructions. The massager has as objective ease the muscular pain and will never be determinant for healing them, therefore if they persist, you shall to go the doctor. cts since they are electronic devices

When is not advisable to use U-neck?

First of all,this device isn't specified for minors. Neither can be used by persons that use electric medical devices such as pacemaker, vital supports, artificial lungs or hearts and similar. At any case it is important to consult your doctor first if you have any severe leisure, skin allergies or heart diseases, malignant tumors or if you are receiving medical treatment.

How do I charge U-neck?

U-neck must be charged only when it is fully discharged or on its first charge. You just need to change the button “ON/CHARGE” to “CHARGE” connect the adapter to the device and the net and the LED in the device will light up intermittently with a green light, when it stops flickering and the color remains constant, it means that the charging cycle has finished.

Does it have any type of quality Certification?

Yes. Since it is a electronic devices it count the quality certificates CE according to the requirements set by the European Union.

Return Guaraantee

Return Guaraantee

Our company compromises to refund the total purchase amount if you aren’t satisfied within the following 14 days.

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Safe payment

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